Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Weekly Wisdom to help you create a Yoga Inspired Life. And it won't involve black stretchy pants. Promise.




Hello World, I’m Melanie.

Welcome to my online space.  I invite you to pour yourself a cup of tea and stay a while…

I help women from around the world live an inspired and purposeful life with a process I call Yoga Inspired Life Coaching.  What does this mean?

Well, it has NOTHING to do with touching your head to the ground or looking good in a pair of black stretchy pants.

In 2010 I left my corporate career in advertising and traveled to India. While living in an ashram studying ancient yoga scriptures, I discovered the Ten Sacred Principles used by wise yogis and Indian sages to end a life of suffering  and create a life of freedom.  I recognized how this simple yet profound wisdom could help people “Wake Up” to the lives they were meant to live.  A life where you could wake up feeling inspired and fall asleep feeling joy.

I knew that I needed to bring this spiritual wisdom back home with me and teach it in a way that Westerners would understand.

From this experience, I created The Yoga Code:  a step-by-step process where I reveal the Ten Sacred Principles of yoga philosophy and teach you how they can help create huge shifts in all areas of your life.  Spiritual, Family, Health, Relationships, Career, Finances.

It has worked for me and I know it can work for you.  (read how it has worked for others here)

You already have all the answers inside of you. (you know this, right?)

I’ll just help you clear the clutter so that you can find them.

If you’d like to learn how this ancient philosophy has changed my life (and how it can change yours) please connect with me for your complimentary Wake Up Call.  We’ll explore if working together would be a good fit to help you reach your goals.

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